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January 20, 2015 -

Return of the Galveston Pro/Am Tournament (click here)

Project Tarpon, LLC has revived the Galveston Pro/Am for 2015. If you have an invitation to the Port O'Connor tournaments, your Galveston entry fee is reduced. Come join us for all the competition.

December 6, 2014 -

Project Tarpon, LLC is conducting its conventional streamer tag research in coordination with the Tarpon and Bonefish Research Center (TBRC) at the University of Miami (UM).

We place mutliple SPOT and PAT tags this fall in Texas. We are already receiving return data. Check out the Research Page for more information and tag tracks.

April 1, 2013 -

COON-POP LURE TAILS - Which Ones and When?

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Project Tarpon Texas Tournament Series Become Invitation Only for 2013

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“They jump, they crash, they break tackle and bones. Tarpon possess the muscle and mass to defeat you in several different ways. Of course, that is precisely why we love them....." - Jerry Gibbs, Outdoor Life Magazine, Sept. 2007.

Project Tarpon

Project Tarpon is the first website exclusively dedicated to bringing tarpon anglers and marine biologists together, so we may join forces and protect this magnificant gamefish for generations to come.

Our Mission

The mission of the Project Tarpon Team is to promote tarpon research and conservation initiatives. Project Tarpon is raising awareness for various marine biology programs studying the lifecycle and migratory patterns of tarpon. Our goal is to get the information learned from these research programs in the hands of anglers. The Project Tarpon website is your portal to a better understanding of tarpon and increased fishing success.

What to Expect

Research - the Research Page is your source for updates of ongoing research projects being conducted by marine biologists around the country. You want to learn more about tarpon, not just tarpon fishing, this is your page. We will also have contact information to assist anglers in getting involved and regular updates on information gained from these research initiatives.

Boat - the Boat Page will follow the design and building of the ultimate tarpon boat. Designed and built in cooperation with Winter Custom Yachts, this custom built 29 foot Carolina boat will be the quintessential tarpon fishing machine. Not built as a flats boat, but built to be versatile, to run shallow or deep with a single gas inboard, this boat will take on tarpon around the Gulf of Mexico in the summer of 2010, making multiple tournament appearances.

Forums - the Forums are the heart of They are your one-stop internet location for discussions about tarpon fishing and reports. Forums for each state, forums for differnt types of fishing and general discussion forums are all included. There is even a forum for asking biologists questions about tarpon and their research.

States - your State Page will bring you the important links to tarpon fishing regulations, news, tournament announcements and weather forecasts for each state along the Gulf and Atlantic Coast. No more hunting around the web for the best forecast information. On, you are just one click away.

Tournaments - the Tournaments Page will provide information on tournaments that Project Tarpon sponsors and supports. This page will also include information on tournament appearances for the Project Tarpon Team. It will let you know where you can personally come inspect the Project Tarpon boat. "We'll see ya there...."

Apparel - want to get your own Project Tarpon clothing and support tarpon research? Just jump to the Apparel Page and get outfitted with the latest Jean Eastman designed Project Tarpon gear. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Project Tarpon gear will annually be dedicated to tarpon research projects throughout the United States. So, get it on and let everybody know you back tarpon research.



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