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Tarpon Research

Project Tarpon, LLC supports active tarpon research and conservation efforts. One of Project Tarpon's primary goals is to facilitate the education of the angling public through effective interaction with the scientific community. Research, education, awareness and conservation are the core motivating factors behind the creation of Project Tarpon and www.ProjectTarpon.com.

To that end, Project Tarpon will continue to work closely with marine biologists undertaking scientific tarpon research and regularly bring those results to you. While this website is not, nor will it ever be, intended as peer reviewed publication, it will allow biologists an avenue whereby they can freely inform the angling public of their research efforts and findings.

Project Tarpon will do its own part to assist in that research, as well. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Project Tarpon apparel, as well a portion of the revenue generated from advertising on this site, will be donated each year to tarpon various tarpon research projects.

Use the pull down menu in the navigation bar above (or click one of the links below) to learn more about individual research projects being undertaken on Tarpon. These projects will be updated and more information will be provided in the future as this site continues to grow. So, check back soon and get up to speed on everything tarpon.

Satellite Tagging Research Page (click here)

Conventional Streamer Tags Page (click here)

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