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2016 Invitational Tournament Format


(Email - ProjectTarpon@hotmail.com for Invitation)


(1) Two Individual Weekend Tournaments (with back-up weekends) Location Port O'Connor, Texas.

(2) Entry Fee $275/boat, includes both weekends ENTRY DEADLINE POSTMARKED JULY 11, 2016. (Optional Extra Month Long Tournament $100/boat)

(3) Four T-Shirts per boat and Two Pre-Trouanent Banquet tickets included in entry, extra shirts and banquet tickets can be purchased.

(4) Four Divisions: Amateur Bait / Amateur Artificial Lure / Fly Rod (Pro/Amateur Combined) / Guide/Pro Division (Natural Bait or Artificial Lure). With a single entry, a boat may win trophies in any division for which the boat can qualify under the rules.

(5) Trophies - Trophies for First and Second Place in Amateur Artificial, Amateur Bait and Guide/Pro Divisions. Trophies will be awarded EACH WEEKEND for First Place (Team Leader Trophy and Individual Team Member Trophies) and Second Place (Individual Team Member Trophies) in each of the Amateur divisions and the Guide/Pro Division (non-Fly). One trophy will be awarded EACH WEEKEND for to the individual angler that catches the last tarpon on each tournament weekend, regardless of division. One trophy will be awarded each tournament weekend for First Place in the Fly Division. (See rules for restrictions on these individual trophies).

(6) One Perpetual Tournament Series Trophy for Most Oustanding Team during the Tournament as voted on by the Awards Committee which exhibits the best combination of the following criteria: (1) sportsmanship; (2) dedication, initiative, effort; (3) number and size of tarpon caught; (4) stewardship of the resource and (5) overall participation in the tournament experience.

[No satellite tagging trophy; however, satellite tags will likely be available during the tournament to be placed in your fish.]

Tarpon Release Flags Available

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